Additional Information

 The Record Range is a cooperative law enforcement training facility. Most of the law enforcement agencies in Shasta County utilize this facility for their training needs.

The late Louis A. Record, former Captain for the Redding Police Department, donated this property to the incorporated Shasta County Peace Officers Association to manage, enhance and continue local law enforcement training efforts.

October 1950, The Shasta County Peace Officers Association filed their Articles of Incorporation as a Non-Profit Corporation with the California Secretary of State. The Shasta County Peace Officers Association is a membership based association. It is governed by seven elected Board of Directors holding their office for a two-year term.

Record Range has three lighted firearm ranges, two pistols and one rifle range. One range is equipped with a tire house that assists training with building entries. The firing range hours of operation are between  7:00 A.M. and 10:00 P.M. daily.

The clubhouse is used for training, meetings and occasionally rented for social events.

In addition to the training facility, it is the association's goal to provide social events for our membership to maintain inter-agency cooperation. The Shasta County Peace Officers Association holds monthly executive board meetings and monthly membership meetings / dinners every second Tuesday of the month.

Membership requires being currently full time employment with a Shasta County based law enforcement agency or retirement from any law enforcement agency. For information to join, please e-mail any Board Member with your questions or information.